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      August, 09 2016 - Rita
Certified Review
Front desk receptionist was very nice. Asked if I would like anything to drink. Was taken right back. Did not have to wait.
My hair was cut way too short. I started right off with the comment that I did not want it close cropped to my head and that is exactly what she did. She would ask periodically do you want this much cut off and I would confirm but than she cut it off much shorter. The top of my hair has a cut so short that it does not flow in with the rest of the cut. My chair was so low I could not see in the mirror what she was doing, except for the very top of my head. My intuition told me to say something but I did not speak up. She did not style at all. Just cut and that was it. My hair looks just like a guys cut. Not flattering at all. I did not say anything when she was done. I was just in shock and wanted out of there. This is my third cut at your salon. Was very happy with the first two. Don't think I will be back after this cut.
Services received :
  • Women's Cut And Style with Alexanderia
      January, 17 2015 - Alex
Certified Review
The stylist made me feel incredibly comfortable. . She was personable wand seemed to be extremely knowledgeable. She got to know me and tried to help me
The owner of the salon told my stylist not to do what I wanted and constantly tried to sell me in something else.. I understood that what I wanted could not have turned out the way I wanted and I was ok with that.. bottom line.. the owner made me feel uncomfortable. . Telling me all about her 25 years plus of experience and how I should just so what she says.. I am also in the service industry. . When the customer wants something.. I accomodate.. I'm not sure if her buisness practice will ever ensure her to be top notch or rather go bankrupt... I would go alllll the time if my stylist.. other stylists I met and the front of house person that provided me excellent customer service were the only people I had the oppertunities to meet.. no not so sure after being turned away when they stylist was excited until shut down...
Services received :
  • Consultation (hair) with Laura
      March, 31 2014 - Maria
Anna was wonderful she cut my hair and my sons beautifully! Thx you Anna:-) Anna was wonderful she cut my hair and my sons beautifully! Thx you Anna:-)
      October, 28 2012 - Carol
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